Keeping Busy

I am not one to sit around and do nothing… some people call it relaxing, I call it a huge waste of time.   When I sit down and watch TV I usually have a project in hand that I’m working on – and currently I have about 4 projects in various stages of completion.

When I arrived in Washington I was staying at the local KOA.  Not a whole lot to do in the KOA!  During the day I would head to the library and search for jobs, but in the evenings I would break out my crochet hook or knitting needles and create.

newborn net blanket and basketball hat
newborn net blanket and basketball hat

I crochet this net baby blanket and basketball hat for a cousin who is expecting a little boy any day now.

My wool and silk socks
My wool and silk socks

I also finished these socks that seemed to be taking forever.  The socks are probably my favorite socks so far!  They are wool and silk so nice and warm – yet not itchy at all.  I have been wearing these socks when I go hiking since they are nice and thick too!

crochet washcloths
crochet wash cloths

I also made about half a dozen of these crochet dish cloths.  I always seem to collect the cotton yarn used to make these, but never get around to actually making anything.  It felt good to whip these things out and at the same time clear some room in my yarn bin.  I ended up giving most of these to my brother since, after house sitting for him one day, I noticed he didn’t have ANY!  Whaaatt?  (How could I let that happen?)

These are just a few of the things I finished while camping at the KOA!  No sitting idle for me!