A Dress to Crow About

Check out this sweater dress!

I’m super happy with how it turned out. The pattern is McCalls 7061which, as you can see, is intended to be lounge wear/pajamas…. but I like to say that patterns are just a guide… they aren’t set in stone.

I purchased this fabric from The Styled Magnolia a few months back. It’s two panels in their Cotton Lycra French Terry fabric, which is AMAZING!!! I actually purchased three panels, the third though was in their Endurance XC which I made into leggings and will blog about as soon as I remember to take pics.

Anyhoo – the French Terry fabric is thick enough to be made into hoodies, and my original idea was to make a jacket with this fabric. But after thinking about it I didn’t want to chop up the fabric so much that you would lose the image of the crow. So, I dove into my patterns and decided this long sweatshirt/hoodie was perfect… with a few modifications.

I added about 6 inches to the length (actually I added about 10″ and then cut off 4″ because it was a little too long), and added side pockets instead of putting the original kangaroo pocket. I think a kangaroo pocket would have covered up the crow… and accentuated my belly (no thanks). I also added thumb holes to the cuffs – because I do like having my hands warm.

Can we talk about the hood though?? For the love of all that is sewn – I don’t know why the hood is so large…

…. but I can see how it could come in handy when I meet the Fellowship of the Ring crew.

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High-Lo Sheath Dress

It’s been a weird weekend here in the Seattle area- otherwise known as the U.S.’s Ground Zero for the Corvid-19.  People raided the Costco, Target and Fred Meyer’s last week, stocking up on toilet paper, bread, and water..??  Now everyone is holed up in their homes and events with 10+ people are canceled. The streets here are pretty empty – which means I bought gas, washed my car, and met a friend without waiting in line or getting stuck in traffic!

I also spent a LOT of time sewing, starting with this sheath dress from Butterick.

I used this knit fabric that I purchased last weekend, I believe it’s a poly-blend and a little on the heavy side.  I thought that if the dress was too heavy I could shorten the length to take off some of the weight.

Turns out – it’s not too heavy.  I made the view with the tie …

But the tie felt like it was too large/thick, and I knew it would bug me, so I took it off.

I can’t decide if I like it better or not… I’m not much of a tie person to begin with, AND, I can reach the pockets better without the tie….

I might see how I like it for now.   I’ll most likely wear this with a jean jacket or cardigan which will break-up the lines and give it some shape.

When the weather gets really warm I can always buy a belt or make another tie using lighter fabric. That’s the joy of sewing, I can always change my mind.