A Dress to Crow About

Check out this sweater dress!

I’m super happy with how it turned out. The pattern is McCalls 7061which, as you can see, is intended to be lounge wear/pajamas…. but I like to say that patterns are just a guide… they aren’t set in stone.

I purchased this fabric from The Styled Magnolia a few months back. It’s two panels in their Cotton Lycra French Terry fabric, which is AMAZING!!! I actually purchased three panels, the third though was in their Endurance XC which I made into leggings and will blog about as soon as I remember to take pics.

Anyhoo – the French Terry fabric is thick enough to be made into hoodies, and my original idea was to make a jacket with this fabric. But after thinking about it I didn’t want to chop up the fabric so much that you would lose the image of the crow. So, I dove into my patterns and decided this long sweatshirt/hoodie was perfect… with a few modifications.

I added about 6 inches to the length (actually I added about 10″ and then cut off 4″ because it was a little too long), and added side pockets instead of putting the original kangaroo pocket. I think a kangaroo pocket would have covered up the crow… and accentuated my belly (no thanks). I also added thumb holes to the cuffs – because I do like having my hands warm.

Can we talk about the hood though?? For the love of all that is sewn – I don’t know why the hood is so large…

…. but I can see how it could come in handy when I meet the Fellowship of the Ring crew.

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More Zippered Pouches

A few weeks ago I told you about my quest to use up all my scraps in an effort to organize and use up my out of control fabric stash. I’m happy to report I have been plugging along on that effort and tonight finished up the last of 23 zipped pouches using just what I had in my stash. (I should be proud, but part of me is embarrassed).

To make each bag I sewed smaller scraps of fabric together and created a larger piece of monochromatic fabric – which I liked the look of a lot. I can quickly tell which colors of fabrics are my favorite by the number of bags I was able to make using that color. (hello blue).

Remember my Lard Butt jacket?? The scraps I used for that jacket made 3 pouches, a quilt (which I’ll blog about later) and I STILL have scraps left over! SO MANY SCRAPS!! However, I think the bags made of just solids fabrics are some of my favorite.

I also had some larger chunks of fabric that I didn’t have the heart to cut into so I made smaller bags. This pink bulldog/terrier one is probably one of my favorite. And as much as I love this cowboy fabric it felt good to finally make something with it after holding onto it for 8 years!

All of these pouches are listed on my Etsy page…. and after I sew a few other things on my long list of things to sew, I’ll be back to scrap busting and making more zippered pouches (or ?)!