Choosing To Go Gray

I’m choosing to let my hair go gray!  I have been dying it for as long as I can remember.  Initially it was to have some fun with it, a blond streak here, blond underneath and dark on top.  It was all in the name of having fun at first, but then somewhere along the line I started dying my hair to hide the grays – and that’s when the fun stopped.

I’ve realized there are SO many reasons to stop dying my hair:

  1. There are over 5,000 chemicals in hair dye, (according to the National Cancer Institute), and more than a few have been linked to cancer.
  2. Dying your hair dries it out!  I can vouch for that!!!  I hate having dry, brittle hair worse than having grays!
  3. It’s a colossal hit to the wallet!  Every time I get my hair done (cut and dyed) it costs me  $200-$300!  My last postwas about being debt free by the end of 2020, and spending $200-$300 every 6-8 weeks to dye my hair seems so insane given that goal!

Its been about 8 weeks since I last dyed my hair.  Normally I’d be itching to do a root touch-up, but I’m done!  I’m joining all those brave women of a certain age who have paved the road before me.  People like Alexandra Grant (Keanu Reeves girlfriend).  People either loved or hated her hair…  personally I love it! (and her boyfriend too)


Truth be told, I don’t have THAT many grays given my age, but I’m done trying to hide them.  I think it helps that silver hair is the IN shade for 2020.  I’ve seriously considered taking the plunge and dying it all silver …. but I’ve been dissuaded by more than one hair dresser from doing that.  In all honesty I like the thought of going cold turkey from the dye box – it seems like a more natural way to go.

So with that said, this is what my hair looks like today:


See my glitter???


I’m feeling pretty good about this decision, and I’m looking forward to how my hair will look by the end of 2020.

Happy Sewing


One thought on “Choosing To Go Gray

  1. I have gone silver a couple of times and it was okay but I NEED color like I need oxygen! If I were younger, I would be all tatted up in colors but since I am “ancient of days”, I just put the color into my hair. Should you decide down the line that it is not working for you, color your hair yourself. There are so many natural hair dyes….like henna….that you can use. Even though I bleach the crap out of my hair and then put those wild colors in it and leave them on at least 12 HOURS….yes, you read that right….at least 12 hours because they are vegetable based they don’t hurt you or your hair at all, my hair is healthy and soft (I do put a dab of condioner on the ends when I wash it but I only was it every 10 days or so and with a natural shampoo and in cool water). My sister wanted to go all gray so I bleached her dark, dyed hair, to the lightest place I could get it and added a white toner to it and then she used a wonderful purple shampoo (I can give you the name if you ever need it) to put a silver tone to it and it looked great but after a month or so, she decided she was not cut out to be full on gray and dyed it!!! It can be done, hairdressers are reluctant to do it because the clients expect to go from dark to Khardashian blonde/silver in one sitting….that does not happen…it takes steps…
    Good luck in your journey….that is a tremendous amount of money you will be saving so I hope you can do it!!!

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