Happy Birthday, Miss Grace

It’s been one year since I adopted this sweet girl.  Even though she’s 5 years old – she’s officially one year with me.


After Leo and I moved to Seattle I felt really bad leaving him in an apartment all by his lonesome self.  Before we left Minnesota my house was full with 2 dogs, 2 kids and cat!  The Fat Cat died, then Skilos died and both kids moved out.  So, I’m sure Leo was lonely after moving here and it broke my heart.  So, I decided to adopt another dog to keep him company – enter Miss Grace.


I found her on Craig’s list.  Her family had decided that she needed a better life than the one they were giving her.  There were two kids in the family, but they ignored her, she never went to the dog park because, as I was told, she didn’t know what to do – other than bark at all the other dogs.  She was heavy and full of hives, but she was part lab and I thought would be a good companion for Leo.


After I brought her home Leo decided he wanted NOTHING to do with her – NOT  A  THING!  In fact, for the first few months they fought a LOT.  Mainly over toys, or seats on the couch or if she got to close to anything he was looking at… as long as there was no blood shed I would let them work it out.  Most of the time she got her way.


Over the past year Grace has come to love dog parks, in fact her favorite thing to do is play with the other dogs – especially the ones who will chase her.  She has lost a lot of weight thanks to our many hiking trips and (almost) daily walks.


Leo won’t admit it, but my guess is when I’m not around he’ll play with her.  Every once in a while I’ll catch him running beside her and not minding that she’s jumping all over him (in a playful way).


She’s a completely different dog now than when I first brought her home. The first six months I spent a lot of time second guessing my decision, but these second 6 months she’s really come into her own and found a place in my  heart.


She is a sweet, sweet girl who loves nothing more than to cuddle up with me at night.  One of these days I’ll get her to completely stop barking at the wind.

This week, I finally finished my quilt.  (it’s quilt and bound and ready to ship)


You can find it for sale here.


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