Athena’s Maiden Voyage

Over Mother’s Day weekend I finally took Athena out for her Maiden Voyage!

With all the work I’ve been doing on her I couldn’t wait any longer!  I decided to Glamp at Baker Park Reserve just West of the Cities, figuring better close than sorry.   I arrived Friday night and backed her gingerly into the camp spot.  Backing a 27′ trailer without a spotter is a challenge – but I got her done.

I leveled her off and then searched all over the side of her so that I could plug her in and get some electricity!  I realized then that I forgot the manual at home (slap forehead)- despite all the times I told myself “Don’t forget the manual”.  With enough searching I did discover that the plug is kept in the back.  It was a happy moment to hear her come to life!

Right away I pulled out my Featherweight and finished up the curtains I had been working on.  I felt very exposed with the big wrap around windows in the front.  It’s kind of weird at night knowing I couldn’t see out – yet I knew people could see in.  



I’m very happy with the way the curtains turned out!  It really adds some color to Athena!  The quilt and two gray pillows will eventually be taken out as they don’t go with the blue and orange color theme that I’m going for.

Curtains for Athena


I brought Skilos and Leo… Leo normally sleeps with me when we are at home, while Skilos sleeps in Drew’s room.  But that first night Skilos got up on my bed and would not get off!  I think she was afraid and just needed to be close to me in case whatever it was Leo was barking at came to get her!

Leo & Skilos

The next day I tried to light the hot water heater.  I could not figure out how to do it and cursed myself more than once for forgetting the manual at home!  I ended up walking down to the office and buying firewood so I could cook my breakfast (oatmeal) and make some coffee.


It also gave me a chance to use my DIY fire starters (toilet paper roll, dryer lint and newspaper) which totally worked!


That day I read a book, took a nap, went for a walk, then another walk, and one more walk before the last walk of the night.. in other words I RELAXED!!  It was HEAVEN!!!

And you know those times when your head is clear and all of a sudden things make sense?  Well that’s how it was later that day when it dawned on me that maybe I could light the oven and stove without having to light the water heater.   Let me just say it was a happy moment to hear the woosh of the oven lighting up!  That night I made pizza for dinner and was so happy I didn’t have to eat oatmeal again!  Life is good!

The next morning I got my coffee on and put a batch of scones in the oven.


While the scones were baking I made this headband and thought about coming back as often as I can this summer!   I love my little trailer!


 Happy Glamping! 


  1. I totally love that you brought the featherweight camping.  XO

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