UFO No More: My Slippery Slippers

While I’m on the topic of UFO’s (UnFinished Objects), I came across some slippers that I cut out (back in 2010 ?), but not finished.

I used this pattern from Kwik Sew

Kwik Sew 3926

Kwik Sew 3926

And used cuddle fabric …. the long shaggy fabric that every time I cut into it – it looked like some sort of animal carnage.

Looks like my cat killed a smurf!

Looks like my cat killed a smurf!

Anyway, the last time I purchased slippers was probably 7-10 years ago.  Yes, they are falling apart, but  I haven’t bought another pair because why would I do that when I could just make a pair??  Which I started… but then …. yea, not enough time.   

So they sat in a bin, getting moved from one corner of my sewing room to another until the other day when I decided I could really use a new pair of slippers.  (and a empty bin)

2014-01-25 22.14.54-2

So now you think I’d be all happy with having a new pair of slippers – but I’m not!

I put them on and they felt WONDERFUL, all soft and … well … cuddly.   I walked upstairs to show my son and the dang things kept slipping off my feet! I think using the furry Cuddle on the inside was probably not such a good idea – after all the pattern calls for fleece – which is not as slippery.   Ah well, their cute though!

2014-01-25 23.22.39

I also realized that I like having a hard bottom to my slippers- I’m always paranoid about stepping on pins.  (it just takes once).  So I tried wearing them to bed since my feet have been getting kind of cold with this deep freeze we’ve been in.  They slipped off my feet sometime in the middle of the night and I haven’t seen them since.

Have you ever not liked something after you made it?  What did you do with it?


  1. The slippers are so cute! Maybe you could put a pair of inner soles (Dr Schol’s) in them to stop the slipping. If that doesn’t work, turn them into art! Stuff them with tissue paper or newsprint so they stand, then put some silk flowers popping out of the top. A bright cheery sight in the cold winter.

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