A Much Needed Vacation

Last week I took a much needed vacation and flew to Florida with two friends of mine. I don’t know how long it’s been since I took a vacation that didn’t involve business and/or my kids. I knew as soon as I closed the store that a vacation was going to be pretty high up there on my list of things to do.


Luckily a friend of a friend has a condo down in Ft. Myers and was willing to let us use it for a few days.


Our first day there we did a little bit of shopping for the few supplies we knew we would need for the weekend… You know; beer, wine and snacks. After finding dinner we went back to the condo and relaxed… I mean: RELAXED!! All of us are pretty crafty so while I worked on my hexis one knitted and the other crocheted, and I could feel the tension and stress leave my body. If all I had was that one night, I would have been content. But it got better.


The next day we drove over to Sansibel, which was beautiful. We walked along the beach looking at what that big vast ocean spit up onto its shores, collected a few shells and laid on the beach. The temps weren’t as warm as we had hoped they would be (10 degrees warmer and it would have been perfect weather). So, other than a few people here and there, we mostly had the beach to ourselves.

I thought it would be fun to do yoga poses on the beach – and it was!  After about a year of yoga I can now do the Camel pose – so had to that one first!



We then  made our way down to Captiva and ate at the Mucky Duck.  Someone told us they have a camera set up on the beach and had live steaming.  So I texted a friend of mine in California and told him to look for me waving at him from the Beach of Captiva. (I really love technology)



The next day we drove down to Ft. Myers Beach and had a even better day! We made our way to the beach, found a bar and enjoyed the sunshine and people watching. We then walked a little further down the beach and enjoyed more drinks and more people watching.


The next day it warmed up a bit – just in time for us to head to the airport.  It was sad to leave, but it was such a great trip for all of us.  Exactly what I needed.


  1. Way to go Nikol! Looks like a fabulous vacation and makes me look forward all the more to this summer. Have some great things planned – now to pull it off!

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