Did Someone Say Vodka?


I love Pinterest, I haven’t spoken to anyone on Pinterest that didn’t love it.  The ONLY thing I don’t like about Pinterest is the way it can make time fly!  I’ve learned that the only way I can go on Pinterest is when I really have time to kill (which is hardly ever) or when […]

Getting Ready for the Big Trip


For those of you following along on my big family vacation at Yellowstone, I mentioned that the trip was in the planning stages for months. After we made our reservations I did my best to get Athena ready for the trip. She needed new curtains, seat cushions, and more! My dad came out in April […]

UFO No More: Hexagon Quilt


Well Hello there!  How have you been?  I have been doing my best at keeping my basement dry with all the rain we’ve had.  Someone told me that April was the second wettest on record!  Hard to believe that we could out-do last April, but I guess we did. Last April I had some water […]

Floors for Athena


What happened to April? Last time I looked up it was April 4th! Time to slow my a$$ down! I hope everyone made it through tax season without too many tears. I don’t know where the month went so I can’t tell you what I’ve been up to other than not sewing as much as […]

What I made at Quilt Retreat


Last weekend I went to Quilt Retreat with a few friends.  It dawned on me while I was up there that I’ve been going to this Retreat for 10 years!  It definitely doesn’t seem that long! I used to be really good about finishing projects while I’m there, but lately all I seem to be […]

What I Made: Pillows for Athena


So remember when I showed you how I sew a curved seam? Here are the finished products from that tutorial. Okay – so that’s only one pillow, but I did make three of them!  I’m only showing you one of them because for the most part they all look the same. The pattern I used […]

Highest Aim and Favorite Book

Tula Pink City Sampler

I have been doing yoga for a couple of years now, but not really consistently until just the past few months.  This winter has really been rough for me and I have found myself more than once dragging myself out of bed at 5:15am just so I can go to a warm yoga studio.  It’s […]

City Sampler: Blocks, 41-47


This weekend I got together with my friend Maris to sew and chat. You may remember Maris from the store. Actually all the girls from the store were invited, but Gail broke a bone in her leg and has been in the Hospital for the past two months. Meg went back to college in Iowa […]

Some of My Favorite Things: A Tutorial

2014-03-02 07.22.23

A couple of years ago I held a Pinterest Party at the store and one of the things we made were these fabric napkins. Which, as it turns out, I really like! I have made fabric napkins before – large ones, thick ones, thin ones, but these are the ones I really like! These napkins […]

What I’m Working On: A Mystery Quilt part 2


Here’s a quick update on the Mystery Quilt I’m working on!  This month we had to make 40 Half Square Triangles (HST). I used fabric from Heather Bailey’s True Colors line which blend Oh So Well with her Lottie Da line of fabrics.  All of which can be found in my Etsy store.   I’m […]