Some of My Favorite Things: A Tutorial

2014-03-02 07.22.23

A couple of years ago I held a Pinterest Party at the store and one of the things we made were these fabric napkins. Which, as it turns out, I really like! I have made fabric napkins before – large ones, thick ones, thin ones, but these are the ones I really like! These napkins […]

NaMoBloPo Day 8: Closing My Doors

Ok – so this post is a difficult one for me to write because I have to finally make public something that I know once it’s out it will be real and up till now it hasn’t felt very real.. but here it goes. I have decided to close my store! There are so many […]

My Son’s of Anarchy Scooter

Yes, I’m obsessed with Son’s of Anarchy – I even made a Son’s of Anarchy Jacket!  I still haven’t figured out what the big allure is for me, but I’m still enjoying watching the episodes on Netflix.  I am in the middle of season 4 and have been ‘savoring’ the last few episodes.  (Have you ever […]

Zig-Zag Liverpool Dress

I made this dress a couple of weeks ago when I was on a craze to sew shop samples. The pattern is Amy Butlers Liverpool shirt/tunic/dress. I decided to make the dress length because according to the fashion magazines, shirt dresses will be in this Spring. The fabric is from Valori Wells’ Novella line, I […]

Binding Tutorial: Part Deux

Quite a while ago I did a tutorial on how I make my quilt binding you can check it out here. But once the binding is made, a lot of people don’t know how to sew it to their quilt! So I thought I would share with you how I sew on my binding. First […]

I’m Back!

Yarn display

A couple of months ago I lost access to my blog!  I was so bumbed because one of my goals this year was to blog more.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise,  because even though WordPress came out with a ‘fix’ I had already given the ‘go’ on re-doing my whole website – […]

Crafting Goddesses – or not!

About once a month I get together with some friends to ‘stitch & bitch’.  We usually work on crochet or knitted projects, but the other night we we decided to each bring a craft and share it. Being a fabricaholic I decided to bring some fabric strips, jewlery clamps and clasps and have everyone make […]

More Prince Charming in the Bathroom

I have been on a roll with this Prince Charming line of fabric from Tula Pink!  I just love it.  I made the Crepe Dress from it this past summer, a shower curtain a couple of weeks ago and now I have a bathmat to match! I was on Pinterest and saw some unique ways to finish […]