Half Square Triangle Project: Before and After

Last year the good folks at Robert Kaufman challenged the Modern Quilters all over the country to come up with a quilt design using one of their solid charm packs. We had a couple of months to work on it, but of course with my schedule everything is put off to the last minute. I […]

Presenting Miss April (while Miss May and June wait in the Wings)

I’m about a month behind on my quilt-a-month project… but, I’m cutting myself some slack. After all I did do a major move in April, a Grand Opening for the store and of course there is always everything else that comes with running a store – not to mention raise two teen boys on my […]

New Year Goals: One For Me and One For You

Happy New Year!  My how I missed you all!  My life has become just a little bit busier and I’ve had to do some shuffling of priorities – one of the things that I had to temporarily let go is keeping up with this blog.  But, having not blogged for over a month I missed […]

Crafting Goddesses – or not!

About once a month I get together with some friends to ‘stitch & bitch’.  We usually work on crochet or knitted projects, but the other night we we decided to each bring a craft and share it. Being a fabricaholic I decided to bring some fabric strips, jewlery clamps and clasps and have everyone make […]

More Prince Charming in the Bathroom

I have been on a roll with this Prince Charming line of fabric from Tula Pink!  I just love it.  I made the Crepe Dress from it this past summer, a shower curtain a couple of weeks ago and now I have a bathmat to match! I was on Pinterest and saw some unique ways to finish […]